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Interactive Environment

Spaces equipped with devices that respond to provoke actions through defined means. Interactive installations by SITA is created by inter disciplinary modules that transform data from one medium to another to create a certain experience that could be described as awareness, conscious and holistic overview of inter connectedness of modules and the user.s a medium , SITA allows the user to access and navigate information in a different way. In order to clearly illustrate such an experience, the information architecture deliverables demonstrate a more realistic approach to managing business.

Interoperability © MGRM

The Interoperability framework within which the human dimensions inter operates is based on natural principle which comprises of 4 layers-Prevention, Pre-Problem Addressal, Problem Addressal and Post Post Problem Addressal. The solution to various business turbulences can be achieved by addressing these layers. The minimum criteria for the validity of this framework is that it needs to clarify the various issues faced and provide clear path for resolving them. It should also also take the remedial measures that have worked or not have worked into account.

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There is a clear need for companies to put more emphasis on demonstrating how the human dimension contributes value, given that the current reporting system doesn’t reflect such intangible assets fully.The Human Dimension is a framework to Optimise Human Performance as part of any organisation. It is not enough for the management to just grow and be comfortable with existing business process. An organisation requires agile, adaptive, and ethical leaders trained and educated to improve and thrive in uncertainty.To continue to dominate on in the business or industry of the future, an organisation must invest in its people as the most agile and adaptive resource. Preserving a technological edge will remain important but technology alone is insufficient to retain the Human Resource. Realising that technology remains an essential enabler with tremendous potential in the long-term, today few technological solutions exist. To overcome this shortfall, only the optimised Human Resource provides the promise of meeting the cognitive demands of a modern and complex business environment. With a shrinking force structure and growing demands on the individual User , it is essential for the organisations to implement applications that develop the very best talent and abilities in every individual.



It is the property of a system to process that can accommodate changes without major changes to the system. The characteristic of the system that describes its capability to cope and perform under an increased and expanded work load. The system can maintain and even increase levels of performance & efficiency under larger operational demands. A system or a process that can accommodate changes in transaction volume without major changes to the system. Scalability most often comes into play when a system user anticipates growth in his business. You would not want to make a significant investment in any system if it cannot grow as your business grows. On the other hand, you do not want to pay for excess capacity while you wait for growth to happen

Zero Repetitive Work

Zero Repetitive Work © MGRM

SITA spares the customer from repetitive work so they can do more higher-value work for their organisations. Repetitive work may not be serving any purpose and could disguise similarities in your operational work. This is a very common problem in any organisation. SITA delivers the solution to Zero Repetitive Work thus making every individual more efficient and effective in the business environment. It adds to saving time and money for any organisation and directly promotes growth at both individual and organisational level.

Easy Interface

Our simplified interface offers user-friendly tools to use the system without limiting your experience. Using the Mini-Dash Search you can search within the component or across the entire program for the key issues. T. Built in work flow allows the business to flow in systematic process. A workflow consists of an orchestrated and repeatable pattern of business activity enabled by the systematic organisation of resources into processes that transform materials, provide services, or process information. It can be depicted as a sequence of operations, declared as work of a person or group, an organisation or one or more simple or complex mechanisms.

Sun Integrated Technologies & Applications

The applications are an outcome of integration of, Business Intelligence, Best Business Practices, Scalability, Interactive Environment, Human Dimensions and Interoperability.

SITA (SUN Integrated Technologies and Applications) is a research based technology framework developed to deliver integrated solutions for business to evolve into efficient and dynamic organizations. In depth understanding of the physical, psychological and social nature of the business process enable the framework set by SITA to develop applications to reduce individual dependency and promote process oriented structure for an organized growth.

At SITA we design and develop high performance business applications. We are integrating various technologies to deliver seamless business solutions across all platforms. SITA Solutions and Applications are designed to re-engineer the existing process to bring in structured work flow based solutions for increased efficiency and growth. The Applications are designed to penetrate to the genetic level of the company to enable an overall growth.
The applications are an outcome of integration of, Business Intelligence, Best Business Practices, Scalability, Interactive Environment, Human Dimensions and Interoperability.