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SITA Legal Practice

SITA is one of its kinds of an application that promotes growth of an individual user

SITA Legal Practice

The web based work load automation application is an outcome of a research and study conducted by us across professionals in the field. We have carefully analyzed the business process and their needs and requirements. The application incorporates our proprietary concept of “Zero Repetitive Work” and Ease of Use, operating system agnostic and human dimension. The application can be used on desktop, mobile and tablet without the need to download separate mobile application. We also provide and independent website to the Lawyers (user) with their own domain name where they can highlight their work with area specialization, office address etc. We also provide an appointment scheduling system integrated into the website and the same is linked to our application at the backend. The application is based on workflow for lawyers to automate their business process and to increase work efficiency and increase communication with their client.
Some of the key features of the application are:

Key Features and Functionalities

  • Manage Client data base and client details.
  • Map Multiple cases for a single client.
  • Complete case History for each case or other Consulting services.
  • Manages court hearing dates.
  • Work flow process based application.
  • Web based application. Can also be mounted on LAN and offline systems.
  • Creates, Manages, Hearing date logs and shares with clients the brief on the proceeding in the court.
  • Upload documents and share the share the me with clients. The document is sent as no editable document along with OTP to the client . The client can add comments to the document and send it back to the user.
  • Sends email notifications to clients on upcoming court dates.
  • Manages & assigns tasks, if required for particular date.
  • Client mix search option to manage multiples case of a single client.
  • For Enterprise version , the Law Firm can maintain internal discussion log for each case and communication between senior and junior coursed.
  • For Enterprise Version , user rights and protocols can be defined.
  • Manage, make, e-mail notification for appointments.
  • For every case, critical information such as client name, case No., Judge Name and court hearing dates recorded and saved for ever.
  • Built in Document Management System.
  • Yearly Court Defined Holiday list for all courts.
  • Simple, easy to use web based application available across all platforms.
  • Zero training required.
  • Add quick data to existing cases.
  • Client Billing and Billing History and payments outstanding list.