Business. Uncomplicated

Ready Mix Concrete

SBS is a solution for Ready Mix Concrete Industries that integrates all the business functions across your organization with capability to manage multiple plant locations and their customers. Our USP is in the easy interface, zero repetitive work and the advanced & customized reporting tools that will motivate easy adoption without much changes to your existing workflow.

Improve operational efficiency

1. Store all your operations, inventory data one point and retrieve with ease.
2. Integrated systems enabled quick and informed decision making.
3. Standardize data collection templates to improve information quality.

Intelligent and quick decision making

With all your business data at your finger tips and intelligent reporting to decipher the same, you can respond better to the changing business landscape.

Rapid Deployment

Our easy to use interface means quicker time to speed for your staff and less overhead during the deployment phase.

Zero maintenance

With the option for cloud deployment, forget all the maintenance overhead and concentrate on your business profitability.


  • Intuitive User friendly Browser
  • Zero Repetitive
  • Rapid Implementation
  • Tally Integration
  • SMS and Email integration
  • Factual dataflow across modules ↦ Reports
  • Seamless integration between Inventory-Materials-Purchasing-Sales-Production-Vendor Management
  • Raw material availability – Inventory stocks visibility
  • Factual Information-Integration of Delivery Challan –Purchase Order –Sales Order
  • On time quality production ↦ delivery -Produce as per Order
  • Effective utilization of resources
  • Factual Information ↦ reports
  • Secure ↦ Reliable
  • User friendly, Minimal training needed
  • Almost null infrastructure –Faster ROI

RMC Modules

RMC Diagram