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SUN Holistic Rental and Asset Manager

SHRAM addresses the impending need of equipment rental industry to sustain the competitive challenges

Holistic Rental and Asset Manager

SHRAM is the holistic approach to asset and equipment management and make it more organized for the management to take important strategic decisions based on real time data and information.

SHRAM addresses the impending need of the equipment rental industry to sustain the competitive challenges and enabling them to reduce costs and improve the value they create for various stakeholders to their business.

SITA has incorporated the best business practices in the application that would also promote customer confidence due to transparency into operations and transactions.


  • Consolidated Data: The data captured by the system assists in creating budgets, you can track costs for labour, materials, services, assets, and tools used to complete work orders.
  • Cost Centre Analysis: The application considers every asset as a cost centre and gives a detailed snapshot of revenue vs. expenditure for each asset.
  • Organized Cash Flow: The intelligent framework of the system keeps a track of liabilities (EMI's, Insurance payments, other statutory compliances) and sends timely alerts to check any payment defaults thus maintaining healthy cash flow.
  • Inventory Optimization: The application manages the inventory stock levels across various locations by maximizing availability of items for upcoming work while reducing unnecessary inventory and associated carrying costs.
  • Cost saving Due to better vendor management for service and spare parts.
  • Data analysis of operational efficiency of every asset such as average fuel consumption per hour, total running expense - daily, weekly and monthly.
  • The system is capable of identifying and raising red flags for any asset which is incurring unnecessary costs such as high fuel consumption, frequent spare parts replacement or repeated service issues beyond acceptable norms and standards.
  • Comparative analysis of asset performance to enable management to take a decision to either dispose off the asset or retain it.
  • Event report in case of accident or breakdown and email of images directly to the user.
  • Mobile application to record the operator attendance, current location and geo tagging.
  • Facilitates future planning: The proactive system of the application helps in reducing the idle time of the equipment as it raises an alarm nearing work order completion to plan its further deployment.
  • GPS integration generates real time data for location, fuel consumption and productivity of the equipment.